In this section we’ll go over the Storage Role internals to explain the architecture, flows, and other implementation details.

This information should help debug issues on existing roles, and provide details on how to implement new roles.


This section is still in an early conceptualization phase, so it’s not worth reading.


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Topics to cover:

  • Installation tasks for the providers.
  • Driver specific installation tasks for the cinderlib provider.
  • How we send work to a controller when requested on the consumer.
  • How we separate methods on the controller and consumer code.
  • Data returned by the different method on the controller and consumer.
  • How to create a new provider using classes.
  • How a provider can reuse the cinderlib consumer code.
  • Describe workarounds that have been implemented using callback and lookup plugins.
  • Explain why the work was split between consumer and controller:
    • less requirements on consumer nodes
    • consumers don’t need access to the management network
    • reuse consumer code/requirements
  • Example of a workflow for attach or detach.
- hosts: storage_consumers
      - {role: storage, node_type: consumer}
      - name: Create volume
            resource: volume
            state: present
            size: 1
        register: vol

      - name: Connect volume
            resource: volume
            state: connected
        register: conn

      - debug:
          msg: "Volume {{ }} attached to {{ conn.path }}"

      - name: Disconnect volume
            resource: volume
            state: disconnected

      - name: Delete volume
            resource: volume
            state: absent

This will create a volume for each consumer host and attach it to the node, then display the path where it has been connected before proceeding to disconnect and delete it.

A descriptive explanation of above playbook is:

  • Initialize the controller node: Installs required libraries on the controller

  • For each consumer node: - Install required libraries on the consumer node - Create a volume: Created on the controller and associated to consumer - Attach the volume created for that node:

    • Controller node maps the volume to the node (other nodes can’t connect)
    • Consumer uses iSCSI initiator to attach the volume
    • Display where the volume has been attached
    • Detach the volume:
      • Consumer detaches the volume
      • Controller unmaps the volume